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Evils of Dowry System in India (Essay on Dowry System)

Paragraph on Dowry system : In today’s materialistic society, the curse of dowry is like a weevil in wheat. People are not quite ready to understand that dowry is the most severe thunderbolt on the love and affection of the parents. Ironically, in this social crime, there are more people who are called educated. It will not be exaggerated to say that we and our society dowry are responsible for this practice, who give dowry with the aim of raising their social status and understand its glory in it.

The meaning of dowry practice – the word dowry means gift brought by a bride to her husband on their marriage.

The beginning and the ancient form of dowry system – It is difficult to say definitely that since when the dowry system was prevailing , but the traditions of dowry practice in ancient Europe, Africa, India and many other countries of the world are from ancient time.

According to the ancient aryan script, the Pandit used to complete the marriage in front of the fire and give the hand of the bride in the hands of the groom. The girl’s parents used to gift some gifts as a symbol of affection and attachment towards the girl according to their strength and competence.

Paragraph on Dowry system in India

Essay on Dowry System
Essay on Dowry System

Maharshi Manu, the author of Manusmriti, has named and described eight types of marriages ‘Brahma marriage’, ‘Divya marriage’, ‘Arya marriage’, ‘Prajapati marriage’, ‘Asur marriage’, ‘Gandharva marriage’, ‘Asur marriage’, ‘Pishach marriage’. At the time of marriage, if the girl side gives money to the groom side, then the name has been given as ‘Asur Marriage'(monster marriage).

In earlier times, dowry was not such a practice. Like nowadays, there was no pre-matrimonial condition. At the end of the wedding ceremony, the bride’s parents used to give dowry according to their strength and enthusiasm (consciousness). The bride was ornamented with jewelery and these jewelery plus gifts received from relatives were her personal wealth.

Present form: In the modern industrialization, dowry system has spewed the poison which is indescribable. In the current era, the economic class division of society has deprived millions of daughters  from motherhood prosperity. Vermilion could not be filled up on the forehead of thousands of girls because their parents could not give dowry as much as the groom wanted.

Rich can give his daughter a good house and good groom on the strength of dowry but how can the middle class give dowry to her daughter ? Whatever they had, put for the daughter’s education. Despite all these disasters, whatever he had saved in his life give as dowry but the groom’s father is not satisfied with it . After rotating fifty places, the poor man gets frustrated and silently keeps on listening to his wife’s taunts at home.

Actual Status – Dowry is a blunt hook on the great Indian civilization. Ravana had only ruined his life by kidnapping only one Sita, but due to this villainous dowry Ravana, not know how many daughters were deprived of the good fortune and their lives became meaningful. Due to this practice marriage has become a business.

National loss due to dowry system : Dowry is a curse for humankind. This causes the nation to have huge personal losses. Under the influence of dowry the girl is handed over to the incapable groom. Unmatched marriages are not durable for many days. Conflicts arise after marriage and lead to divorce. Parents are pressured by debt burden. If the girl gets a good home and good groom in some way and if the dowry does not come along with it then the life of the girl gets sore. She either returns to the father’s house or has to take the path of death.

According to a survey, the inadequacies of dowry has been found to be the reason for the suicides of married women. In the absence of marriage without dowry, many women of the caste also lose the dignity of the dynasty and the prestige of the family and begin to live a hellish life. Sometimes more miserable and frustrated mother or father end their life. It is personal loss of the country which is unbearable.

Dowry is the biggest fatal enemy of the nation. When the father sees that my daughter can not get a decent house without money and without a dowry, he is forced to commit corruption, dishonesty, bribery, theft, smuggling and collecting black money which results lack of essential items, famine and inflation in the country. These social evils and mischiefs bring the country to the brink of a terrible economic crisis. First and former Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru has written in his autobiography –

“These social customs will carry India towards poverty.”

The Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi from time to time, in his daily prayer meetings and social gatherings, points out the malpractices of the country and determined people to give up. Troubled by the cruelty and horrors of dowry system Gandhiji had said in 1928 –

“A tremendous public opinion should be made against the practice of dowry and the youth who pollute their hands with this dirty money should be excluded from the caste. There is no doubt that this is a heartless evil. “

But the problem of dowry took a secondary form before other horrible and stricken problems. Along with class discrimination, this great disease has increased in society. In 1969, during Pandit Nehru’s Prime Ministerial rule, the Dowry Prohibition Act was made but in the absence of full public support, this law was restricted to books of law only. The main main sections of this Act are as follows –

1- Dowry will be regarded as the only amount that the groom – side set at the time of marriage on the basis of some circumstance. It does not include wealth and things that the girl’s father voluntarily gives.

2- Under this act taking dowry or giving assistance in dowry transactions has been declared as a crime. Fines can be upto Rs 5000 per offender and upto 6 months imprisonment.

3- Asking dowry directly from the parents of the bride is also a crime. There is a provision of such punishment for such offender.

4- Section 6 of the Act clearly states that the daughter will be entitled to the amount received from dowry. If any kind of dowry has been accepted by any member of the family then he will have to return the wealth to girl within one year etc.

All state governments have issued new ordinances by amending the anti-dowry law in 1969. At present the government has made some strict laws against dowry. It is also necessary to get the information of those laws. They should be used when needed. Some of these are as follows –

Under the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961, it is a crime to take dowry or to cooperate in its transactions, for which there is a provision of 5 years imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 15,000.

-> Section 498-A of Indian Penal Code provides for 3 years of imprisonment and fine when a girl is tortured or tortured for dowry

– Under section 406, for the husband and in-laws of the girl, for 3 years of imprisonment or fines or both, if they refuse to donate money in the form of dowry.

-> If within seven years of a girl’s marriage, there is death in unusual circumstances and it is proved that before the death she was tortured for dowry then the girl under section 304-B ​​of the Indian Penal Code Husband and relatives may be punished for life imprisonment for at least seven years.

Measures to prevent dowry adultery in today’s times

Awakening in the youth section of the country is essential for eradication of dowry. change in the trend of old-fashioned people who believe in traditional customs, is simply impossible. Educated youths should come forward as a vigorous pledge for this.

In this direction, a social revolution should be called at war level, in which leadership should also be in the hands of the younger class. Dowry eradication programs shall be organized in the village, city and the uneducated persons having conservative tendencies shall be widely exposed to the consequences of dowry.

The strict anti-dowry law should be followed and strict punishment should be given to the culprit. Parents shall pay more attention to girl education and make them self-dependent and also make them capable to stand on their feet.

Incentives should also be given to inter-marriages then there will be no difficulty in getting qualified grooms. Love marriage should be encouraged but only in the guidance and counseling of parents.

More awareness shall be generated in women than men. Where news of dowry is taken and given the youth should not allow marriage to be completed till the amount of dowry is returned. For this peaceful weapon of Gandhiji’s satyagraha can also be brought to work.

Collective marriages should be planned in which the daughters of all poor and rich get married.

If every citizen of India takes a pledge not to take dowry and not to give it then only this problem can end. Every Indian should raise the slogan – “Bride is dowry.”

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