Essay on Hostel Life for students in easy language

Short Essay on Hostel Life of a Student

Majority of students live in their own homes but there are certain students who study in hostels.

Life in a hostel is very different because the day a studentĀ  joins a hostel he has to live a life of discipline. But very soon the students get familiar with new friends and his life becomes happy just like at home.

In a hostel, students learn to be more responsible, generous, helpful, sociable and disciplined and to some extent there they are their own masters.

Life in a hostel teaches students to be disciplined and also teaches them many things which they can neither learn from home or books. In hostel, student come from different countries or states and mix each other to form a life long friendship with each other. Moreover, in hostel, students learn to be punctual in their studies and behaviour as they are always aware of the watchful eyes of the hostel warden. And they know that they would be punished if they misbehave. Certain irregularities of conduct are tolerated by parents but not in hostel life. Life in hostel teaches cooperation among the students for their dine together, play together and enjoy themselves. Moreover, in a hostel, students understand the value of money for they are not allowed to waste their money. Students becomes all rounder in a hostel as they are encouraged to take part in various activities conducted there which also boosts their confidence.

Thus a hostel life teaches students to be disciplined, self – confident, independent and cooperative. These qualities help a student to stand on his or her own feet in the practical life.

Thus to conclude, we can say that hostel grooms a boy and a girl into mature and sensible young men and charming ladies.

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