Time Management : Essay on Importance of Time Management

Essay on Use of Time – Essay on Time Management

Time Management
Time Management

Importance of Time – Value of Time

Time Management: The man works hard to recover the lost property and the lost glory. One day he comes, while he does not get puffed up after receiving it again. Humans also get lost health once again by following the advice of wise doctors, by taking aesthetic medicines and by living a modest life once again. The forgotten companions of the ages are reunited but the moments of life which have gone once, they never meet again in this life.

The train is seen on the platform, it does not wait for the passengers, even if a traveller does not sit or sit in it. It has to come on it’s own time and go away. Those who leap the crowd, leaving laziness, sit in it, reach their destination on time, and who are left lying on the platform due to their inaction, idleness, fearlessness or sleep, they neither sit in the train nor get to their destination. The same thing is with the “train of time”.

Success in life is achieved only by those humans, who do not waste even their one moment , but use it more and more. Now it is up to you that how you use these moments – in sleep or in private work, in acquiring knowledge or in dispute, in friendship or in conflict, in defense or persecution of others.

The secret of life’s success is inherent in the use of time. Whether it is poor or rich, a farmer or a laborer, a king or a people, a scholar or a fool, everyone has the same right over time. The usefulness of time makes the ordinary person even better. The great men who have become till today, the use of priceless moments of time is the only secret of the success of their lives.

An ancient saying is “Time does not wait for anyone”. It means that all the successes, hopes and desires of a human depends on time. For example – unaware of the importance of “five minutes”, Austrians were defeated in battle with Napoleon. Five minutes delay in the coming of Nupoleon’s only fellow grushi, Napoleon was declared a prisoner.

Therefore utilizing the time is very important for human beings. Without laziness, it is worthwhile to use time to do every task on time. The people who postpone today’s work tomorrow, their work is never completed. They are always burning in the fire of repentance in life. But burning does not have any benefit because they keep behind in the time of progress. The wise man does not let his holidays go in vain too.

Even the wise man does not let his time of rest in vain; his time is spent only in observing the scriptures, but the fools spend their time in bad addictions, in gold or in the battle of each other – in quarrels. There is no value of time in their view, but the intelligent person experiences spiritual joy and physical pleasure in the use of time. Society also respects such persons.

Harassing time is like suicide. To get rid of the world human beings find the means of suicide. Suicide leaves her free from the struggles of life forever. Similarly, misuse of time makes human life dead for indefinitely. Misuse of time makes the person cowardly, manless and incomprehensible and indolent. The misuse of time not only corrupts the ideas but also moral decay of human beings.

Method of time utilization

For the good use of time, man should take a break of his day-to-day work. He should keep in mind that at what time he will have to which work. The person whose program is not sure, most of the time passes in vain. The person who acts by organizing his definite program, concentrating on mental activities, will surely succeed in life.

By utilizing the time, man’s personal advancement takes place. We must pay attention to the priceless value of time from childhood. To make the body healthy, it is very important to sleep at time, to get up at the time, to eat on time, to exercise on time and study at time. For mental advancement, we should study good books from the outset and discuss the issues of life-long issues with more intelligent people than ourselves.

If the time is certain for any work, then at that time it must be done, then only man can progress in life. Never start any work late because delay is delayed till the end and success in that work is suspicious. The value of time abroad is considered very well. Everyone there knows how to use it. If you have called a person at 8 o’clock, then he will come to you at exactly eight o’clock, not one minute ago, nor after one minute.

We also have some duty towards the country and society. We should also devote some time to their service, which will lead to the advancement of the country and society. Who spend some time in the acquisition of the interests of others, inn helping the helpless, in feeding the hungry  also uses time and is respected in society.

We should take the opportunity to serve the national service, caste service and social service in our daily programs. Selfishness – accomplishment is not the main goal of human life. To make this life successful do as many auspicious works possible. Human life is the property of the country. Therefore, the one who spends his time in the countryside is blessed. Man’s ultimate duty is to use his time to do well-being of his society, his country and mankind.

Laziness is the biggest enemy of man. The lazy person can not progress in life. Most of his life lapses in sleeping and unnecessary debate.  The lazy man becomes dim and his resolution becomes weak, they always complain about time. The hard worker never lacks time. The lazy man’s time is spent in condemning others, walking unnecessarily, reading dirty books and in vain gossip. Such people can neither do good for the country  nor for themselves. People who utilize time by abandoning laziness have become the creators of the literature, national heroes, scientists and inventors.

The speed of time is intense. Every wise person has the duty to use time while appraising it properly. Time can not be stopped. Today’s scientist has started controlling on the elements of nature but he can not control the time. Therefore, if we want to make our physical, mental and spiritual progress then we should learn to utilize our time only then our advancement is possible.

Importance of time utilization for student life

Students must understand the importance of time especially because the time gone will not come again. Students should make a timetable to use their time. They should take care that their definite work is completed in that time.

The student who does not engage in his work and completes in due time , does injustice to him. His future remains dark. When dividing time, it should be taken care that physical and mental exhaustion is not enough. Entertainment should also be arranged there.  When entertainment comes to life, power is accumulated. In fact, time is very priceless. We should take full advantage of time.

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