Clean India Campaign (Cleanliness Campaign) Essay & Speech on Clean India Mission

clean india mission
clean india mission

Clean India Campaign – Clean India Mission 2 October 2014 – 2 October 2019

Indian culture has an old relationship with cleanliness. Most of the festivals here are such that preparations for cleanliness begin from few days ago. The whole family is involved in cleaning the house. On these festivals it appears that someone has blew conch shell to cleanliness, but the irony is that this campaign is restricted to the cleanliness of the houses only. The reality is that as much as we are concerned about cleanliness in our house, we adopt a careless and irresponsible attitude about this cleanliness in public places.

In fact, spreading garbage in public places, people consider it as their birthright and spread large amount of dirt. Accordingly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” is a revolutionary initiative to clean the country by running a cleanliness campaign at the national level which is very essential for the overall development of any community or country.

Grand campaign of Cleanliness begins

“Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” is a clean campaign launched by the Narendra Modi government. For the first time this campaign was officially commenced on 2nd October, 2014 (New Delhi) on 145th birthday of Gandhiji. This campaign is also known as Clean India mission and cleanliness campaign.

Purpose and goal of making public movement for clean india mission

With the help of all volunteer organizations, schools, colleges, social, cultural, political leadership, government officials, district officials and Sarpanchs ( village panchayat) the aim of this campaign is to make adequate arrangement of clean and safe water, arrangement for disposal of solid and liquid waste and provide sanitation facilities with toilets to every family .

October 2 Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary was chosen for the promotion of Sanitation Campaign because Gandhiji said, “Some family members keep their own house clean but they are not interested in neighboring house. | “

‘Swachh Bharat’ written in the spherical frame of Gandhiji’s glasses makes this campaign even more attractive. In spite of this, the art, literature, culture and people associated with sports were added with the mission of clean India so that the importance of cleanliness can be easily reached to the general public. But the dream of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan will be fulfilled only when we all make a strong contribution in keeping the house as well as the country clean because one of the major reasons for the dirt stack in our country is that we are compelled by the habit of throwing garbage anywhere, we want to keep our homes clean but throw the garbage of our homes in the vicinity.

This is the reason that the streets of cities and villages are full of dirt. We feel that the responsibility of cleanliness is only for government agencies with cleanliness drive. Unaware of the importance of hygiene we never think this, unless our surrounding of house is cleaned , no matter how clean the house is, the dirt surround shall spread the disease.

However, in India, lot of money is spent every year on the health system even though many children lose their life while garbage gleaning. The truth is that waste management has also emerged as a major problem with the increasing population. Therefore, new opportunities for employment can be provided for recycling the used items. Apart from this, natural fertilizers like vermicompost etc. can be made from waste. With this, where new employment opportunities will arise, the right way to do garbage disposal will not affect the health of the people and there can be a huge reduction in our health costs.

Cleanliness is important not only in the communal life but also in economic, social and ethical ways. It is very necessary to reach the basic facts of cleanliness for the benefit of society. The objective of the Sanitation campaign is to reach the basic facts of cleanliness by bringing general civilization and sanitation to a fair respectable place in education and public awareness.

The concept of clean India is not only a meaningful effort of the Government of India but it is also a moral responsibility of all Indians. In this regard, the opinion expressed by the United Nations Association is appropriate that “development should not be merely related to the material needs of the human life but also to the improvement of the social conditions.” Therefore, in economic development, social, cultural and institutional changes should be included in it. Development and hygiene are not contradictory – they are complementary to each other. Development efforts can remain only through a balanced and clean environment. Only then can man reach the higher level of life.

Hope that the above mentioned Swachh Bharat Abhiyan – Speech on Cleanliness For Clean India Mission (Campaign) will help you deliver the speech.

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