Essay on Woman Empowerment in India : Woman Power Essay & Speech

Woman Empowerment in India : It’s meaning and importance

The nation is always empowered by its women, the women rearing their citizens in the roles of a mother, sister and wife, and then they play their role in building a strong citizen, a strong society and a strong nation. Women are extremely important in the building a homes and a nation.

The woman is an invaluable wealth given by God, who ever serves as a mother, as a daughter, to all the families, with utmost intensity, without any effort. Today, women have made their mark in every field from the ground up to the sky. In spite of this, there are still some people in the society who call them powerless women and do not hesitate to exploit them mentally and physically.

The famous author Taslima Nasreen has written that “In fact, women are not abducted from birth, they are made ablish.” A doctor by profession, Taslima Nasrin, has interpreted this fact as an example – “At birth a the power for life of a ‘female infant’ is stronger than a ‘male infant’, but society through its traditions and rituals and values make women weak.”

It means that nature does not discriminate on gender to refine the personality. Therefore today’s requirement is that to empower women, women will have to realize that they have immense power, they have to wake up their inner strength. Because the way a bird is not able to fly with the help of only one wing, similarly the progress of a nation can not be achieved only with the help of educated men.

The role of educated women in the progress and social independence of the nation is the same as that of men and history is proof of this that when the woman has kept her words in right way, society and nation have given her full respect and today’s woman is also giving correct direction to her inner strength. This is the reason why the current situation of women and the increase in their rights will be clearly seen.

Today, giving priority to gender equality in society has also resulted in a lot of change in people’s thinking. Officially now the woman does not get less from the male. This is the reason that women have become more powerful and self-reliant than ever before. In every sphere of life, she is standing firmly side by side with men and plays all her responsibilities with self-confidence, will – power and self-reliance.

At present, it is wrong to believe that a woman is a incapable. Today’s women are educated and are also aware of their rights. Today’s woman takes her own decision. Today’s female is a source of power. The form in which this power appears, is reflected in the same form.

Today, when a woman is breast-feeding her newborn child, then she is the real form of love and affection. When she roars at her centre, then no one does not stand in front of her firmness and courage. When a woman wakes up with her whole power , a new light of beauty and a divine light shattered in the universe.

In the current situation, the courage that the woman has introduced, it is amazing. Without any involvement of women today, no work is being considered as complete. In every sphere of society she has entered either directly or indirectly.

Today there are many such establishments and institutions which only women operate. However, women have to face a lot of difficulties and struggles to reach this position. In spite of this, women have to go a long way for their rights which are difficult and unapproachable but now women have started coming in every field.

Today’s woman is awake and active. She has started recognising her powers, which has increased the dominance of the modern woman. The way she has stepped in the field of man’s monopoly like business and profession and the logic and skill that she has used, is amazing.  The participation of women in the market is increasing.

In the past, woman was considered only as the means of enjoyment and childbirth. They had to live within the walls of the house and in such case the achievements of women had to be searched in the pages of history.

Twenty-first century has brought pleasant prospects in the life of a woman. The woman has started recognising her power and she has become aware of her rights.

Describe the statistics of women’s success, it may not be possible to reconcile them, but after analysing it reveals that the nature of woman is unique and unmatched. There are innumerable elements in her and each element has its own speciality.

There is also compassion in the woman, there is ruthlessness, even love is there, then there is also the extreme desire of enjoyment, sacrifice is also there. Love is also included in it and hatred is also included. In this, there is also gruesome with beauty. This includes both holiness and improbity. These two contrast elements are present in the woman in great intensity and multiplicity.

At present, the efficiency, skill of the women, and their growing talent in different fields is progressing only due to the evolution of the specific elements contained within them.

In today’s era, the woman loves her personality very much and does not allow any one to obtuse it. With an effort to become financially independent, she is fully aware of her existence.

That is why Swami Vivekananda had said –

“The women themselves will rise up. No one else can lift them. She will rise herself. Just help her to get up and whens she stand up, no force in the world can stop her. She will rise and illuminate the entire world with her magical skills. “

If all the women of today recognise themselves, raise their inner strengths and put them into creative works, then the pace of development can increase multiple times. Woman is the power, she will not be able to be more exploited and tied with chains. She will have to increase the purity and courage, bravery in self, so that she can not be seen as a pleasure  item. If she can recognise her nature then she will be able to escape from selling in today’s obscene market.

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